The Company

Our mission is
to the customer's interest in the center and with maintaining a high quality offer service and maintenance, product, education and training and consulting in the private and public healthcare sector. The company's work must always be guided by customer needs and his problems.

We work with:
• Service and maintenance.
• Consulting.
• Training and drills.
• Sales / brokerage.
• Short and long term storage of supplies

Competence and experience
SEMS medical service is a skilled service and maintenance resource. Experience and expertise are the foundation we stand on. Experience we have accumulated over many years of operations in the medical field. The skills we are constantly renewing, through close contact with the technological developments in our field, both overall and in terms of the different vendors in product development. Our qualified service technicians have long experience and extensive expertise in medical devices.


At your service
This means for you our services:

• increased safety in health care, both to you and patients with better technical function for accurate analysis, diagnosis and treatment

• higher availability, with fewer and shorter downtime and less waste of your time and patients'

• better overall economy by letting you work more efficiently and exploit your investment in the best way.

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