Crisis & Emergency Storage

Welfare store some equipment / supplies for emergency and disaster. Contingency Stocks consist primarily of certain medical equipment, equipment for the incident site, place of treatment facilities and some sales and long-term stored drugs.

SEMS AB Social Welfare Board has delegated to manage the emergency stock in terms of administration, handling, storage, maintenance and restructuring. SEMS also responsible for preparing loan files and others. matters for decision by the National Board. Stock management of security stocks are managed from offices in SEMS Arlandastad; SEMS AB Generator 2, SE-195 60 ARLANDASTAD.


Previously, security stocks intended for the war wounded, with large volumes of loading pallets. The reduction and restructuring of stocks going to include contingency stocks for emergency and disaster events.

Investigation underway including the development of special stock statements, primarily for the treatment of the injury site, to the need to strengthen health care principals' willingness and / or international efforts. Of the existing equipment of the injury site, new rates will be created to better meet today's demands

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